Research Component
Content Area
Learning Strategy
Technology Focus
Time Line
Weather and climate pattens
Spreadsheets,word processing
Radio documentary, script, and graphs
2 weeks

Activity Description

Prepare a radio documentary for your immigrants providing information about climatic conditions in your region. Compare the average weather conditions for the region for the 4 seasons in the year, Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July), Fall (October).

In your report, share information on how people adapt to the different seasonal conditions. What kinds of activities do citizens participate in in each season? Identify jobs that are 'seasonal'.

Create graphical representations of your data using a spreadsheet. Use a word processor to create a script for your radio broadcast. Record your report using a cassette report, or another medium of your choice.

Research Process

The research emphasis for this component is Input from the FLIP IT! research model. You will find an extraordinary amount of information on climate and the weather. The input stage of research is when you sort through everything you have collected and decide what is useful to you.


Curriculum Connections

Math: Statistics and Probability: develop and implement a plan for the collection, interpretation and display of data to answer a question

ELA: Formulate general and specific questions to identify information needs. Gather and record information and ideas using a plan.

Science: Supports the research model presented in Manitoba's Overall Skills and Attitudes cluster

Social Studies: build, express, and enrich their identities in the context of language, culture, and community.




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