Content Area Learning Strategy Technology Focus Product Time Line
Area's landforms Note-taking Strategy SQR3 (6.85) Word Processing / HTML tables Chart of Geographic Features 2 weeks / 10 hours

Activity Description

Immigrants applying for citizenship must also demonstrate some knowledge of Canada's Geography. Having a one-page handout for people to take with them to study when they have the time would be helpful for them. Compile and create a handout with the following information:

Suggest some activities and job opportunities that are unique to this area because of the geography. Show how the land and the lifestyle are linked.

Create a chart using the tables feature in a word processor or HTML editor to provide this information in a concise and easy to read format. Lay out the information on the page in a way that's easy to read, well organized, and attractive to look at.

Research Process

The research emphasis for this component is Link from the FLIP IT! research model. Identifying appropriate sources for the information required, and selecting the best information.

As a class, brainstorm as many different sources for information as you can. In small groups, write each source on an index card and then sort them into categories with your group. Give each group a name that describes the rational for the grouping. Share your grouping ideas with the rest of the class.

Look at the types of information required for this assignment. Connect the information requirement with the most appropriate information source.

Click HERE for an example of how to FLIP your Geography project.

Curriculum Connections

Math: Statistics and Probability: develop and implement a plan for the collection, interpretation and display of data to answer a question

ELA: Formulate general and specific questions to identify information needs. Gather and record information and ideas using a plan.

Science: Supports the research model presented in Manitoba's Overall Skills and Attitudes cluster

Social Studies: build, express, and enrich their identities in the context of language, culture, and community.


Content 40 marks total

- geographic region

5 marks
- capital cities
5 marks
- populations of the provinces
5 marks
- area of provinces
5 marks
- population distribution
5 marks
- borders and boundaries
5 marks
- major bodies of water
5 marks
- provincial and federal parks
5 marks
Jobs & Recreation 15 marks total

- state unique jobs and recreation

5 marks
- demonstrate link to lifestyle
10 marks
Handout 10 marks total
- done in tables on computer
5 marks
- creativity
5 marks
65 marks


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