Useful Web Sites for Teachers:

Kinds of Concept Maps:
Contains examples of several types of concept maps with descriptions of their most appropriate uses.
Note Taking: The Cornell System:
Describes the familiar Cornell System of note taking.
Information on the SQR3 study and learning technique.
Concept Mapping Home Page:
Description of concept maps in general with examples and links to software used to create concept maps.
Think Pair Share:
Description of this learning strategy with many management and implementation ideas.
Laura Candler's File Cabinet:
Several management tools and blackline masters to assist teachers in maniging teaching and learning in a cooperative learning environment.
Information Literacy and the Net:
Course outline for teaching/learning information literacy. Web pages for different types of literacy and for each stage of the research process.
Research Strategy:
This web site presents a strategy tha focusses almost entirely on identifying and locating sources.


Teacher Reference:

"Enhancing the Note Taking Skills of Students with Mild Disabilities." Intervention in School and Clinic 36.4 (March 2001): 221-224. Infotrac. Manitoba Education and Training. 31 Oct. 2001 <>. This article describes a process for teaching note taking skills to students.

Huai, Heling, and Piet Kommers. "Concept mapping as a learning strategy for autonomous students with a serialistic cognitive style." International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning, 11.1/2 (2001): 135-151. Article examined globalistic (global to specific), and specialistic (specific to global), concept mapping, and their efficacy when used by students of different learning styles. Effective for most students, those having serialistic, or linear learning styles benefitted more from specialistic concept mapping.



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