Learning Strategy

Point Form Note Taking

In order to make the best use of your time, and to avoid plagerizing other people's work, you must learn point form note taking. You use this learning strategy when you are gathering information. The idea is to write a brief note about important details. These notes will help you recall the other details more easily.

While you read the following entry on The Right Honorable Sir Charles Tupper, identify the most important words; the words that hold the most meaning, and highlight them.

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Tupper, Sir Charles,

Sir Charles Tupper lived from 1821 to 1915, and was a Canadian statesman. Tupper was born in Nova Scotia. Later in life, he became a doctor. He served his home province by serving from 1855-67 in the provincial legislature of Nova Scotia. Eventually, after almost a decade, he became premier of Nova Scotia in 1864 and was a leader in the movement for Canadian confederation.

Despite Joseph Howe's opposition, Tupper eventually brought Nova Scotia into the dominion of Canada. Tupper was a loyal supporter of Prime Minister John Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister, and during Macdonald's leadership, Tupper held several important cabinet posts. As minister of railways and canals (1879-84), he helped with the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1896 he became prime minister of Canada and tried to get politicians to agree to a special deal with Great Britain and the colonies, but his Conservative party was defeated that year. Tupper became leader of the opposition, serving until his defeat in the election of 1900. He was made a baronet in 1888.

Encyclopedia.com, http://encyclopedia.com/articles/47557.html

Take the words you have highlighted and write them out on a piece of looseleaf. You now have a short, precise, easy to read list of the main points of the article. Make sure you include the title and the citation for the article on your notes page.

Tupper, Sir Charles,

  • lived 1821 - 1915
  • statesman
  • born in Nova Scotia
  • doctor
  • 1855-67 in the NS legislature
  • NS premier in 1864
  • brought Nova Scotia into Canada
  • supported Prime Minister Macdonald
  • held important cabinet posts
  • minister of railways and canals (1879-84)
  • helped complete the railway
  • 1896 was Prime Minister
  • special deal with Great Britain but defeated
  • leader of the opposition until 1900
  • made a baronet in 1888.

Encyclopedia.com, http://encyclopedia.com/articles/47557.html

When it comes time to use this information, rephrase the ideas into sentences in your own words.


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